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Sites like html5test and html5rocks are great resources for getting a quick overview of html5 and related technologies.  Motivated primarily by my own desire to verse myself in these new technologies, I’ve decided to create yet another outline/ontology.  I’ve attempted to link to the working specification or the organization overseeing it’s development for most of the technologies.  Hopefully this […]

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I’ve noticed that the jQuery community has started using the term Polyfill recently so here’s a brief post that helped me in thinking through this topic. It’s largely inspired by the awesome list of HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfills assembled by the Modernizr folks. Graded Browser Support Yahoo has published their Graded Browser Support for the last […]

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In the summer of 2010 I was a co-lecturer for a Web Architecture course offered through the School of Information at UC Berkeley. The description of the course was as follows: This course focuses on understanding the Web as an information system, and how to use it for information management for personal and shared information. […]

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Observations of Daily Living was a masters thesis project that enabled patients to enter health observations on a mobile device and then share that data with a physician electronically. The project was conceived, designed, and built by me, Nat Wharton, James Tucker, Annette Greiner, and Matt Gedigian. The end result was a functioning web service […]

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This paper explores the history of clinical information systems and the major barriers to their adoption.  It specifically looks at the socio-technical gap and its manifestations in computer supported cooperative work, actor network theory and studies of tacit knowledge.  It concludes by recommending that clinical information systems should be built around a core communications (messaging) architecture and that […]

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