The 2 Bandits

January 6th, 2011 | Tags: , , , , , | Links: website

On this project I worked with the founders of The 2 Bandits to design and build their website, blog, and online store. They wanted a minimalist aesthetic so that the primary focus would be their products.  The project included the following key components:

  • A custom PHP / MySQL backend to manage their product catalog
  • Advanced integration of Google Checkout to allow online purchases worldwide
  • A custom WordPress theme so that their blog matched the website
  • Heavy use of jQuery and jQuery plugins for image browsing

Project Notes

  • The collection page is a custom jQuery script that loads each of the images via ajax before displaying them on the page.
  • The stores page makes use of Paul Irish’s Bulletproof @font-face: Smiley variation for using custom fonts
  • The product pages make use of the MagicZoom script for zooming in on images
  • The Google Checkout integration included setting up different shipping costs based on the shipping address
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