Javascript Frameworks and Libraries

March 25th, 2011 | Tags: , , ,

The modern browser is now the most intriguing development platform and runtime environment (personal opinion), especially when you consider that many mobile browsers ship with broad support for HTML5 and related technologies.  As browsers and javascript have matured, so have the libraries available to developers for building client side web applications.  Here’s an attempt at organizing my javascript bookmarks that hopefully can be of use to somebody else.

Some Basic Resources

Those links lead you to some really cool javascript projects and communities and I highly recommend exploring the ones that interest you.  However, if you’re like me and you’re looking for a solid foundation for building client side applications then read on.  I’ve assembled a list of some of the most common and/or most intriguing frameworks and libraries that I’ve come across, in no particular order.



There are a vast number of plugins for jQuery and other frameworks that I encourage you to explore. I’m not going to list any of them here.  However I have listed a somewhat random assortment of stand alone libraries that are useful to know about.

If you’re interested in testing frameworks, checkout stackoverflow for a great discussion on your options.

These lists are absolutely a work in progress so if you’ve got any suggestions for me please post in comments.  I’ll also continue to add to them as I discover new and interesting libraries.

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