Observations of Daily Living

Observations of Daily Living was a masters thesis project that enabled patients to enter health observations on a mobile device and then share that data with a physician electronically. The project was conceived, designed, and built by me, Nat Wharton, James Tucker, Annette Greiner, and Matt Gedigian. The end result was a functioning web service that enabled the syncing of health data between a native iPhone application and Google Health. We actually built the following:

  • Native iPhone application
  • Web Application
  • Web Service
  • Data Visualizations

The web service was built on our own backend and handled the following tasks:

  • Synchronization between mobile and web
  • Synchronization between us and Google Health

I worked primarily with Nat Wharton and our focus was on the design, architecture, and implementation of the web service and web application.  Our open source technology stack included a PostgreSQL database, the SQLAlchemy object relational mapper, and the Pylons MVC web framework.  Some of the key architectural challenges included:

  • A flexible and extendable data model for storing observations of daily living
  • A synchronization protocol that supported multiple clients performing both online and offline data entry simultaneously
  • A JSON based API that exposed a set of RESTful calls for interacting with our web service

For more information on the project please checkout the links below.

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